Farshad Farivar- Horse Riding

Riding a horse is an activity that is a common interest among people all over the world. Farshad Farivar also finds it as a good recreational activity and thereby enjoys it in free time. Farshad Farivar says that ridding horse can be any breed but mostly warm bloods and thoroughbred are used for riding. The best horse riding is between a hack and a hunter. It must show good quality, good bone, substance, true action, correct conformation and presence.

Farshad Farivar introduces the division of classes for horse riding. There are mainly two categories in horse riding- small horse riding and large horse riding. In small horse riding mare is of four years old exceeding 148 cm but not more than 158 cm. On the other in hand large horse riding mare is of four years old exceeding 158 cm. Next Farshad Farivar talks about the shows that are divided on the basis of type, ride, manners and conformation. Horses in this particular class are trained for walking, trotting, cantering and galloping together.

Farshad Farivar also introduces another type of riding known as pleasure riding.  Pleasure riding comprises of many forms of recreational riding for personal enjoyment without including any competition element. When talking about competition a tem know as pleasure or hack is used for the total number of horse show in which an animal is judged on the basis of manners, performance and way of going.

Farshad Farivar would also like to talk about turnouts in which the riding horse is shown in brown tack and a colored brow band. Saddles have to be straight cut in order to expose the animal’s shoulder. Manes has to be plaited and tails pulled. Legs and faces have to be trimmed. In this scenario even riders who are riding horses are suppose to wear jackets and riding hats , cream shirt with a tie and tall black riding shoes. Along with this cream or buff breeches are also mandatory to be used by the rider.

Farshad Farivar would also like to state here racehorse to riding horse which was introduced in 2006 to The Horse of the Year show.  In order to be eligible horses has to be full thorough breed (a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing) and registered in the Weatherbys General Stud Book. Farshad Farivar says that these horses should be trained for racing but it is not mandatory that they have raced. These horses must be more than four years old and should be minimum fifteen hands high.  People who are participating and are qualified must wear black or navy jackets and top hats and for the rest who are showing Farshad Farivar says must wear tweed jackets(a sport jacket).


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